Tone Tune Tempo Hoes

E-Quad was formed in 2001 by bass-player / composer Eric van der Westen when he searched for new ways to express his musical ideas. Hooking up with beatmster Hans Timmermans and sound designer Oliver Nijs.

E-Quad has found an exciting balance working with samples and beats and acoustic instruments. The alternative dance music moves between World Groove, Drum ?n Bass, Big Beat and Chemical. Inspiring acts range from Underworld, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers, Faithless to Charles Mingus, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock to Motown & Stax, but also producers like Adrian Sherwood and Amon Tobin.

The performances of E-Quad are energetic events where a VJ and a sound engineer further enlarge the tension between audience and the music. Not only in clubs can E-Quad be heard but also in special cultural productions or during festivals. E-Quad is also working in cultural exchange projects with different musicians therefor they travel all over the world.

E-Quad line up:
Eric van der Westen (acoustic & electric basses,backing vocals)
Hans Timmermans (beats)
Olivier Nijs (samples and sound design)

Guest musicians from all over the world appear on recordings and at performances when available.